Where are Novatron BioProtectors manufactured?


Novatron BioProtectors are manufactured in Novatron's facility in San Diego, CA


How is Novatron's UV technology different from other companies with UV technology?

Novatron's air sterilization technology is based on a unique, very high intensity, Advanced UV System (AUVS) that rapidly and effectively destroys biological agents. The UV intensity produced by the AUVS is 1000 times that produced by conventional low power UV germicidal systems. As a result, the sterilization effects obtained are significantly greater than those achievable with conventional UV systems or HEPA filters. The BioProtector provides 7 logs kill (99.99999%) of resistant spores and much higher kill levels for viruses and vegetative microorganisms.


Low power germical UV systems have been advocated for many years for treating air in buildings. However, they produce low photon flux, and consequently, are not very effective. Such conventional low power UV systems provide only low microbial reduction levels and require long exposure time for microbial kill. Because of their low photon flux, large systems with a very large number of lamps would be required to give exposure levels needed for even low kill of microorganisms in high velocity airflow in an air duct. The AUVS uses an innovative patent-pending flux density multiplication technology to produce very high UV intensities with only modest input electrical power.


Does the Novatron BioProtector protect against surface contamination or chemical threats?

The BioProtector is designed to eliminate biological organisms in the air. The units are not designed to destroy chemicals in the air. The systems have been tested by the U.S. Army and have achieved kill levels in excess of 6-logs of UIV resistant endospores utilizing the proprietary Advanced UV Systems (AUVS) technology. The systems do not directly kill biological organisms on surfaces, but by eliminating airborne microbes, the contamination levels on surfaces can be reduced.


What are the best applications for the BioProtector?

Novatron's BioProtector is the system of choice to meet critical clean air needs in pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing facilities, hospitals and other medical buildings, food manufacturing plants, clean rooms, and laboratories. For example a major pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico has installed the BioProtector. Government and military buildings can also be protected from harmful biological substances.  BioProtector systems have been installed at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.


How and where has Novatron's UV technology been tested?  What were the results of this testing?

Extensive laboratory testing and independent third party government sponsored testing by the U.S. Army and EPA shows that the technology is highly effective for destroying Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus pumilus endospores that are significantly more resistant to UV than anthrax spores. Up to 7 orders of magnitude (7 logs, or 99.99999%) kill of B. subtilis and B. pumilus spores have been demonstrated with the AUVS technology.


Does the BioProtector use filters?

The BioProtector does not require any type of filtration in order to achieve very high kill levels. However, if particulates are a concern, the BioProtector can be used in conjunciton with standard filters and/or HEPA filters. Installation of filters upstream will prevent accumulation of particulates in the BioProtector.


What sizes of the BioProtector are available?

The Novatron BioProtector is fully scalable and can range in size from <300 cfm to >60,000 cfm.



Is installing and maintaining the BioProtector system costly?

No. Since the BioProtector is designed to be easily integrated into an HVAC system or sterile air supply, installation costs are minimal. Likewise, with virtually no moving parts, the BioProtector requires very little routine maintenance. UV lamp life is approximately 16,000 hours, or about two years of constant use (24 hours per day, 7 days per week).

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