Dr. Wayne Clark, Chairman and CEO:   Dr. Wayne Clark, Chairman & CEO: Novatron’s founder, Dr. Clark, is an accomplished scientist, business executive and entrepreneur.  He has made significant technical contributions in the development of intense ultraviolet source technology and its applications in commercial, industrial, and defense markets. Dr. Clark holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to Novatron, he was Founder and President of PurePulse Technologies, Inc., where he led the development of new sterilization and pasteurization technology using intense pulsed ultraviolet sources. Prior thereto, Dr. Clark held a number of VP positions at Maxwell Technologies. Dr. Clark began his career working at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in the Physics Division.  He has authored more than 25 technical articles and is an inventor on 16 patents.

Dr. John Asmus, Chief Scientist:  Dr. Asmus is an internationally-known physicist and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering and a Ph.D in quantum physics from Cal Tech. In addition to having taught a wide variety of courses and leading research at the University of California, San Diego for 30 years, Dr. Asmus has held a number of senior positions in industry and government. Dr. Asmus has published 120 papers and is co-inventor on 20 patents. Dr. Asmus has been a Tektronix Fellow (Caltech), a Schlumberger Fellow (Caltech), an Institute Scholar (Caltech), and a Drake Scholar (Caltech). Dr. Asmus won the IBM Supercomputing Competition in 1989 (IBM), and was a Mellon Fellow and Rolex Laureate for Enterprise.

Dr. Thomas Olson, Chief Research Engineer:  Dr. Olson is a senior scientist with a diverse background in leading edge engineering of electrical systems for lasers, optics and other applications of high power pulsed electrical energy. He holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of California, Berkley. Dr. Olson discovered and was awarded a patent for the ArN laser at 337.7 nm. Dr. Olson has been responsible for the development of a wide variety of technologies, including a portable CCD based X-ray imaging system to inspect unattended packages, a discharge lamp to replace halogen lamps for efficient, high brightness projectors, CZT for applications as a high resolution, room temperature radiation detector, high energy, pulsed CO2 lasers configured as power amplifiers or as gain switched, unstable resonators, and an EMRLD e-beam pumped excimer laser for submarine communications.

Mr. Richard D. Egan, Chief Financial Officer, is an entrepreneurial CFO-Level financial executive with extensive experience and significant, measurable accomplishments in the startup, process improvement and turnaround of businesses toward growth and profitability. He has developed and led the implementation of innovative business strategies to position emerging companies to maximize revenues, minimize costs and take advantage of shifting market demands. He has broad experience in the technologies services sector and has contributed to organizations that provide technical consulting, project management, software design and development, internet technologies and infrastructure and IT engineering expertise. Mr. Egan has provided senior financial level services to a number of privately held organizations to optimize organizational resources including maximizing cash resources, building operational teams, determining and implementing financial strategies and functional financial reporting. He is currently acting as Chief Financial Officer for Novatron.

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