Novatron: The Leader in Air Treatment

Novatron has developed an innovative Advanced UV System (AUVS) technology that multiplies UV intensity. It provides much higher performance levels than those of other UV air treatment systems.

The AUVS technology provides a breakthrough capability for sterilizing air to protect against harmful biological substances such as viruses and bacteria and for eliminating ozone pollution from industrial airstreams.

Air Sterilization

The AUVS technology is ideally suited to produce sterile air for pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturing. It is also effective in protecting people in critical government and commercial buildings against airborne biological contaminants. Other applications include health care environments where sterile air is critical.

Ozone Abatement

The extremely high UV intensity, high doses and large volume uniformity achievable with the AUVS technology enable efficient destruction of harmful ozone emissions from industrial processes.  The intensities and doses required for abatement of ozone in large volume air streams emanating from industrial processes cannot be produced using conventional UV technology.  Novatron's ozone abatement products provide a cost effective, reliable and efficient means of destroying ozone pollution in air streams.


Novatron's UV Air Treatment Equipment Is
 Installed at the Pentagon


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